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What Is the Timeline to Remodel a Kitchen?

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What Is the Timeline to Remodel a Kitchen?

The start of any home project is exciting as you anticipate how the changes will enhance your home and your life. However, the excitement can sometimes wane as you get into the thick of your remodel and your daily conveniences are impacted heavily.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, one of the most important details you need to understand before moving forward with the project involves how long your kitchen remodel will take. When you don’t have a functional kitchen for an extended period of time, it can significantly impact your life. Therefore, it’s important to have realistic expectations upfront regarding how long the project will take.

A kitchen remodel is one of the more complicated renovations you can undertake. It is important to anticipate and plan for many of the obstacles you will encounter as you navigate through your remodel.

How Long Will My Kitchen Be Out of Service? timeline for kitchen remodel

While every kitchen remodel is unique, there are some average timelines that can help you estimate how long it will take. These average timelines typically vary based on the scale of your remodel project. At Sander and Sons, we specialize in cabinetry for full kitchen remodels. Here is an overview of what a full overhaul of your kitchen might look like for you.

Ordering and Preparation

Once your kitchen design has been finalized and final measurements have been taken, the cabinets will be ordered. While lead times vary, the average is about 6 weeks. Your designer will let you know the lead time for your project, so that you and your contractor know what to expect.

Before construction begins, it is important to think about establishing a temporary kitchen in your home. Your access to water and appliances will be limited for 2-3 months. Mealtimes will look very different, and you will need to create a plan that allows you to prepare food in your home without the full functionality of your kitchen.

Rough Construction

On average, it can take 8-12 weeks from the start of construction to the completion of a kitchen remodel. During rough construction, the demolition of the existing kitchen will take place and any necessary structural changes will be made. The initial placement for the plumbing, mechanical, and electrical work will take place. Drywall, paint, and flooring will be installed during this time. Also, be prepared for some construction dust during this phase of the process.

Finish Construction

This is where your new kitchen will begin to take shape. The cabinets are measured, fabricated, and installed. Then, appliances, countertops and fixtures are installed. Finishing details, such as moldings, and hardware are added. Backsplashes are installed to provide some finishing touches. Construction cleanup will take place after all work is completed.

This phase can seem to be the most daunting as you grow more and more tired of the inconveniences, but we promise in the end it will be worth it!

Factors Impacting Your Kitchen Remodel Timeline kitchen cabinet installation

While the scope of the project is the primary factor that will determine how long your kitchen remodel takes, there are other things that may impact your timeline. These include:

  • Product availability – In the past few years, we have all dealt with supply issues of various kinds. While most have been resolved and it is much easier to depend on products, there may be some out-of-stock issues that can prolong the timeline.
  • Permits – If your remodel involves structural changes to the kitchen, the project may require permits and inspections. If you have to wait for these items to be completed, it can extend the timeline of the project.
  • Unexpected challenges – It’s common for unexpected issues to arise during a remodel project. Hidden issues such as old plumbing that needs replacement or electrical wiring that isn’t up to code may not become apparent until the project is underway, and these types of problems can potentially cause your project to take longer than expected. There are sometimes unforeseen problems that arise, but we strive to be in constant communication with the right solutions to address the specific issue encountered. The end result will be worth it, and we want you to be happy.

Sander & Sons Can Bring Your Vision to Lifehow long does it take to remodel a kitchen

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, Sander & Sons can help bring your vision to life. We’re a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience providing kitchen remodel services to homeowners in the Denver area. Our team is committed to delivering unparalleled levels of customer service to ensure you have a great experience throughout the entire process.

During the planning phase of your project, our team will discuss your goals in detail to ensure we understand your specific needs and vision for this project. This extensive collaboration ensures everyone involved is aligned with your goals. This is critical to our ability to create unique, beautiful and functional spaces that your family will love for years to come.

You’ll also benefit from our extensive selection of premium products. These products are always priced affordably, ensuring you receive exceptional quality, long-lasting results that fit within your budget.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. Sander & Sons serves customers in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

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