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Kitchen Remodel

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At Sander & Sons, we specialize in full kitchen and bathroom remodel projects. We work directly with homeowners, contractors, builders and designers. From the start, we will meet with you to create the room you’ve always wanted; a room that is beautiful, as well as functional. We’ll take into account your budget for your remodel, style, and family and entertaining needs. During the initial consultation we will sit down and discuss your entire kitchen remodeling needs, discuss different kitchen remodel ideas and what you envision. Our designer will take precise measurements and photos and then offer design ideas to fit your kitchen remodeling needs.

During the design phase of your kitchen remodel, our kitchen designers will enable you to see your plans in three dimensional renderings. Our kitchen design method in an interactive process to get you involved in the design process so that we can develop the most ideal layout for your space. We believe that your kitchen remodel should not simply be a reflection of us, but a reflection of you. It is important for us to know how you use your kitchen, whether you entertain, are a passionate cook, or simply are looking to refresh an outdated look.

By offering one-on-one design assistance for your kitchen remodel, we’ll turn the sometimes overwhelming decisions into an easy and pleasant experience for you. We’ll assist you in selecting your cabinetry woods and finishes, as well as countertop colors and edge treatments. We’ll go over your options for sinks, faucets and other fixtures that provide the finished look you are seeking. Our vast array of resources and options enables us to find the right product for any budget. We truly want you to be happy with your choices because, after all, it’s your home.

Types of Kitchen Remodels in Denver

When people enter the housing market, they’re seeking a residence that most closely matches their needs, providing enough space for their family, proximity to work, and a price tag within their approved budget.  Unfortunately, even a dream home that hits all the high points can be lacking when it comes to functional design and aesthetic appeal, and this can be especially frustrating in the bustling kitchen space.

Don’t you wish you could find a home with a kitchen designed to meet your specific needs?  The good news is, you can create your ideal kitchen space with help from the talented team at Sander & Sons.  Our goal is always to create a kitchen designed around you, with functional upgrades that make your life easy and styling that sparks joy every time you enter your remodeled space.

Sander & Sons is the kitchen remodeling service in Littleton that can help you with any kitchen renovation, from simply updating your countertops, to fully remodeling the space and replacing everything from the ground up.  We have the products and expertise to make the most of a smaller kitchen or flesh out more significant square footage.  Regardless of the size of your space or the scope of your renovation, we’ll take you across the finish line with a kitchen that meets each of your needs.

With a highly qualified team of professionals helping you to design and install your dream kitchen, you’ll gain a beautiful new space as well as the function you desire. No matter what you hope for this vital room, Sander & Sons will deliver the functional kitchen your family needs, the aesthetic that makes you feel at home, and the modern upgrades that add lasting value to your property.


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Things to Consider When Remodeling

Renovating your kitchen can often feel like a daunting prospect, especially if you’re new to the process.  While the experienced professionals at Sander & Sons are more than happy to guide you through, it can help to answer some critical questions before you get started.

The first thing you need to consider is what you hope to change about your kitchen.  Does your space function well but your finishes are outdated?  Or do you need to redesign your space to allow for a better flow and create more space for multiple family members?  Consider what you don’t like about your space and prioritize these things so we can help solve your various concerns.

We will want to consider the functional and aesthetic qualities that will not only make your kitchen work better for you and your family, but that will transform the space into a warm and welcoming environment.  From a practical standpoint, we will help you look at the size of your space and the existing layout so that we can create a space that functions well but stays within your budget.  Also, look at your appliances and determine whether they can be reused or if it’s time for an upgrade.  It is far easier to upgrade your appliances as part of your remodel than trying to do it down the road.

Finally, you will need to consider a workable budget, leaving some flexibility for changes as you lean into the remodeling process and discover the possibilities available to you.  With a solid understanding of what you’re working with and what you want to change, you have the best opportunity to collaborate with the creative design team at Sander & Sons and plan the kitchen renovation that checks every item on your list.

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Our Process

At Sander & Sons, we always want to help make your kitchen remodeling project as easy as possible.  Our process begins with an in-home design consultation to discuss the space and learn about your pain points and your plans for your kitchen.  After our discussion we will take measurements of your space so that we can begin your kitchen design.

Our next meeting will be in our showroom where we will display your new kitchen design for you.  This will help bring your kitchen concept to life with stunning 3D renderings, which we will review and make any necessary changes.  We feel it is very important for you to be a part of the design process and we value any ideas you have to help tailor your space.

When the plan is finalized, we will tour the showroom so you can begin to select the various products that will transform your kitchen, with estimates for pricing to ensure that the final project is in line with your budget.  This will be followed by a construction meeting with the contractor to walk through the site and nail down details before construction begins.  With products ordered and the construction timeline in place, you’ll enjoy the gorgeous, modern kitchen you’ve been dreaming of before you know it.

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What to Expect

Kitchen remodels don’t have to be a stressful affair, so when you partner with Sander & Sons, our knowledgeable and experienced staff helps with the heavy lifting.  We work closely with you, the contractor and the appliance company so that your project runs smoothly.  You don’t have to play middleman to our services because we will be involved from start to finish.  In addition, our designers are very knowledgeable on our wide range of products so that we can educate you on your choices and make sure we help you select the best choices for your budget.

We proudly offer one-on-one kitchen design, including in-home consultations and expert guidance throughout the design and installation process. All of our vetted contractors embody our core values of integrity, quality craftsmanship, and conscientious service and are here to help you create your dream design. In addition, our pricing is delivered directly to our clients, saving you money and ensuring that you never have to worry about hidden costs or mark-ups down the line.  At Sander & Sons, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we always go the extra mile to deliver the superior service and support you expect.

Our Vast Selection of Kitchen Renovation Products

At Sander & Sons, we know every detail counts when it comes to creating your new custom kitchen, which is why we proudly offer a wide range of products. We offer beautifully-crafted cabinetry, stunning quartz and granite countertops, and a full range of faucets and hardware.  Each of these items are important pieces to complement your overall aesthetic, and we’re the Denver kitchen remodeling service that can help you elevate your interior.

Each of our cabinet lines offer our customers a wide range of choices no matter what budget you are working with.  It is important to us to provide our customers with design choices that are current so we can help move your kitchen forward.  Our beautiful cabinet displays and our large selection of quartz countertops makes it easy to visualize your future kitchen.  Whether you are looking for a more modern design, something more transitional, or a classic traditional look, we can help design your space to suit your style.

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If you are in need to a great general contractor for your kitchen remodel then we can help. Over our many years in business we have developed a trusted network of general contractors that help us accomplish our kitchen remodel projects. We work closely with our contractors which allow us to completely take care of your entire kitchen remodel.  Get started with us and we will help you achieve every aspect of your project.

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