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Kitchen Cabinets

Top-Quality Kitchen Cabinets for Homes in the Denver Area

Sander & Sons offers a wide range of custom kitchen cabinets to address the unique needs of your upcoming kitchen remodel. Our family run business has been providing kitchen design and remodel services in the Denver area since 1996, and we’re committed to delivering the high-quality cabinets you deserve at an affordable price. With one of the largest selections of high-end custom kitchen cabinets in the Denver area, we can bring your vision to life.

Whether you are looking for a unique style and finish that you can call your own or designing on a budget, our first-class cabinet lines will fit what you need. Our showroom and selection room contains hundreds of door samples and thousands of finish options so that you can easily plan out your new kitchen cabinets. You can view a large array of kitchen cabinet door samples in various styles and wood species. This simplifies the selection process and gives you confidence in the products you are choosing.

Each of our cabinet lines offers unique designs that allow us to tailor each kitchen design to your specific need. We are proud to offer a full range of top-quality kitchen cabinets, as well as cabinetry for all other areas of the home.

What’s the Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets?

The materials used for your kitchen cabinets play an important role in the quality and aesthetics of the finished product. Choosing cabinets made of high-quality materials will be much sturdier and more durable, ensuring a better result that will last a long time.

Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet door materials include:

  • Solid Wood/Hardwood – Solid wood is the most commonly used material for kitchen cabinets. They’re made from solid, unbroken pieces of natural wood such as maple, oak, hickory or cherry. Wood cabinets are highly durable and can withstand heavy use. In addition, they offer natural beauty and a wide range of finishes.
  • Painted – Painted cabinets are a very popular choice for kitchen cabinets. There is an endless amount of color choices and fits with any design aesthetic. Painted kitchen cabinets are done with an enamel-based paint, so it is stronger and more durable.
  • Wood Veneer – Wood veneer cabinets offer the richness of real wood for a more modern design. Wood veneers can be used for slab front doors and displays the natural and varied grain of the wood. Grain match veneers are often desired, but come at a higher price point. Veneered cabinets aren’t as durable as solid wood doors.
  • Thermofoil – Thermofoil cabinets are made from vinyl film and can mimic the look of wood. They can provide an alternative to wood cabinets, making them a popular option for homeowners who are looking for a consistent contemporary design.
  • Laminate – Homeowners looking for an affordable kitchen cabinet option are often drawn to laminate cabinets. They are very durable and impact resistant. While they are mostly popular for commercial spaces, laminate cabinets can be used in your kitchen, laundry room or even your garage.

Cabinet box materials include:

  • Plywood – Plywood cabinets are made by gluing thin layers of solid wood together. They are very strong, lighter weight, and water resistant. It cuts cleanly and is very strong. Plywood is more costly than furniture board.
  • Furniture Board (particle board) – Furniture board is the most commonly used material for cabinet sides. It is inexpensive, flat, and gets the job done. They are made from wood-based fiber products that are compressed into panels. Furniture board is heavy and can absorb moisture more easily than plywood.
  • MDF (medium density fiberboard) – MDF is a great material for painted surfaces. It is made with compressed fibers and is very smooth. It is both dense and very stable, so it is less prone to expansion and contraction.

What is the Best Cabinet Box Construction?

It’s important to consider how your cabinets will be built. There are perceived advantages and disadvantages to both framed and frameless construction, but one is right for you.

  • Framed Construction – Framed cabinets are made with a front face frame. The face frame is made from solid wood and wraps the front of the cabinet. It adds stability to the cabinet and gives your cabinets a more traditional look.
  • Frameless Cabinets – Frameless cabinets do not have a front face frame. They are simply constructed as a box with two sides, a top and bottom. Frameless cabinets offer a sleeker look with very tight reveals. It also offers more storage space inside of your cabinets.

What Are the Most Popular Colors for Kitchen Cabinets?

kitchen cabinetsThere is no right or wrong answer for choosing the color of your kitchen cabinets. The custom cabinet solutions provided by Sander & Sons come in a wide range of colors and styles, ensuring you can easily find an option that matches your unique aesthetic preferences and will complement your kitchen design.

Classic white and natural wood cabinets have a timeless appearance, making them extremely popular year after year. However, recently homeowners have increasingly embraced bolder, more colorful cabinet options that create unique and personalized kitchen designs. Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors trending in the Denver area include:

  • Greige – Is it gray? Is it beige? Is it green? This versatile neutral color blends all three in a way that is versatile enough to match just about any kitchen style.
  • Wood – Both light and dark are popular. Natural wood grain is always a classic choice and brings warmth to every space.
  • Green – This is one of the most heavily trending kitchen cabinet colors today. It provides a sense of tranquility and complements both modern and farmhouse-style kitchens. Green tones, both light and dark, can create a sophisticated look.
  • Gray – Light and dark shades of gray are popular colors for kitchen cabinets. These classic options serve as a neutral backdrop that complements just about any kitchen design.
  • Black – Black cabinets are trending among kitchens with a more modern design.
  • Blue – Deeper, darker blue tones such as navy or royal blue exude elegance and pair well with gold or brass hardware. These versatile colors are an excellent choice with both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.
  • Two-Tone/Tri-Tone – Mixing cabinet colors has become trendy in recent years. Having a darker color on the bottom and a lighter color on the top can make cabinets pop. In some instances, homeowners are also incorporating a third contrasting color for an even bolder look.

What Are Some Popular Finishes for Kitchen Cabinets?

custom cabinetsCabinet finishes are an important consideration when selecting custom cabinets since the finish will play a major role in the overall look and feel of your kitchen. There are several different options for cabinet finishes, and each is associated with its own unique pros and cons. The right cabinet finish for your kitchen will depend on your specific needs.

Some of the most popular finishes for kitchen cabinets include:

  • Painted Finish – A painted finish gives you a wide range of options, as you can choose virtually any color. This versatility ensures your cabinets will complement just about any kitchen style. The paint can create a seamless, uniform look. In addition, painted finishes are available in a variety of sheens, including matte, semi-gloss and satin.
  • Stained Finish – If you choose kitchen cabinets made from a beautiful, high-quality wood material, a stained finish may be an excellent option. The stain is applied on the wood to alter the color, enhance the grain and protect your cabinets from damage. Stained finishes provide a warm look that can be both modern and traditional.
  • Glazed Finish – A glazed finish is applied over a base coat of paint or stain to add visual depth and accentuate the characteristics of the wood. It will give your cabinets a semi-transparent, hand-crafted appearance.
  • Natural Finish – A natural wood finish is clear, allowing the true color of the wood to shine through. This option can look more varied as there is no stain to tone the wood.
  • Distressed Finish – This option is popular for a more rustic look. It can be used for the entire kitchen or as an accent on an island. They are made with special distressing techniques that give your new cabinets an aged appearance.
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Woodharbor Cabinetry

With nearly endless options to choose from, it is hard to imagine a more accommodating brand for kitchen cabinet installation in Denver. Woodharbor caters to both traditional and contemporary styles with desirable features like standard soft close doors and drawers, 11 different standard wood species in hundreds of door styles and finishes, and opportunities to select custom sizing, woods, and finishes. What really sets Woodharbor apart from competitors is their “whole home concept” approach to design that means you can not only install beautiful, high-end cabinetry in your kitchen, but you can choose options that will complement your entire home.

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Greenfield Cabinetry

The fit and finish of Greenfield kitchen cabinets is second to none, thanks to a commitment to quality, detail, and customer satisfaction. Craftsmanship and durability are a given with Greenfield, but they do not skimp on versatility, either. Customers will enjoy a wide range of options for customization, whether they prefer a traditional or modern kitchen space. Choose from framed, frameless, or inset construction and enjoy hundreds of options for style and finish (including custom), along with nine wood species and soft close doors and drawer standard.

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Siteline Cabinetry

Collaboration is the name of the game with Siteline, a company dedicated to tailoring your kitchen space to your wants and needs, with plenty of options and affordable pricing. Attractive and convenient frameless construction is complemented by five different wood species, dozens of door styles, hundreds of finishes (including a range of thermofoil, laminate, and acrylic options), custom sizing, and popular features like soft close doors and drawers. For kitchen cabinet installation that meets your needs and your budget, with options for traditional and contemporary styling, Siteline delivers.

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Bridgewood Cabinetry

Bridgewood custom cabinetry Bridgewood is a family-owned business that understands the kitchen is the heart of your home, and they want to help you create a “home center” that suits your unique needs and style sensibilities, along with your specific kitchen dimensions. With framed or frameless construction, eight wood species, hundreds of door styles, and myriad finish options to choose from, you will have no trouble picking the perfect kitchen cabinets in Denver. Custom sizing ensures the flexibility to make your kitchen space work for you.

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Style for Your Home

custom kitchen cabinetsWhile custom kitchen cabinets are an effective way to achieve the unique look and feel you desire, selecting the right style for your home can be an overwhelming process. Not only must you determine the right cabinets to match your aesthetic preferences, but you must also make decisions regarding the materials, colors and finishes for your cabinets.

The following tips will help you choose the right custom cabinets to enhance your kitchen:

  • Assess Your Kitchen’s Overall Style – Before considering cabinet options, you should evaluate the design of your kitchen. Is it modern, traditional, rustic, or some other style? Understanding your kitchen’s design will help you identify the right cabinet styles to complement the overall aesthetic of the space.
  • Consider Your Personal Taste – Your kitchen design should be a reflection of your personal aesthetic preferences. Think about the mood and atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen, and select styles that reflect these preferences.
  • Determine Your Storage Needs – Assess how much storage you need and what types of items you will need to store in your cabinets. Each kitchen cabinet style is associated with a unique combination of storage options, so the right style for you will depend on your storage needs. For example, you may prefer kitchen cabinets with pull-out shelves or deep drawers if you have a lot of cookware. On the other hand, cabinets with glass-front doors may be a better choice if you have a lot of ornate dishware to showcase.
  • Consider Door Styles, Cabinet Materials, Colors and Finish Options – There are a wide range of options for all these features, giving you tremendous customization capabilities. Make sure you choose options that align with your functional needs as well as your aesthetic preferences.
  • Establish a Budget – While price shouldn’t be the only driving factor behind your choice of kitchen cabinets, it’s still important to stay within your budget. Custom cabinets give you greater flexibility, but this comes at a higher cost. If you’re unable to afford a truly custom option, then semi-custom cabinets may provide the quality you desire at a price that will fit into your budget.
  • Seek Professional Advice – The kitchen design professionals at Sander & Sons can provide expert guidance that will help bring your vision to life. Our team will make customized recommendations based on your kitchen’s layout, your unique style preferences and your budget.

Choose Sander & Sons for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Denver

At Sander & Sons, we use our considerable expertise to help you design the perfect kitchen space. We offer in-home consultations and one-on-one design assistance to guide you through the process from start to finish. Sander & Sons proudly partners with renowned vendors to offer an outstanding variety of cabinets to suit every style and budget, and our pricing is always direct to our customers.

With quality products, expert kitchen cabinet design, and outstanding customer service and support, Sander & Sons delivers a stress-free design process and results that last, ensuring your satisfaction.

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