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Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2023

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Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2023

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of their home. It’s where meals are prepared and eaten, and it’s often a room where people congregate in between mealtimes. It should come as no surprise that it’s also one of the most common rooms people choose to remodel.

Kitchen trends are constantly changing, and many of the styles and designs that were popular several years ago are already falling out of favor. If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen this year, the following trends will provide inspiration for the project that will keep your new kitchen stylish for the foreseeable future.

Sustainable Features

With energy prices and the general cost of living at an all time high, many homeowners are opting for sustainable features as part of their kitchen remodel. Popular items that are being incorporated this year to make kitchens more sustainable include:

In another nod towards sustainability, many homeowners are choosing a more timeless design that will allow them to get more years out of their kitchen remodel before they need to renovate again. The move towards sustainability provides a reduction in energy costs as well as an environmentally conscious design, providing benefits that extend beyond the function and aesthetics they provide.

Open Layouts that Extend the Kitchen’s Reach

Open kitchen plans have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, but we’re seeing a new twist on this concept in 2023. Many people are opting for open kitchen layouts that make the room feel more connected to adjacent spaces.

It’s common to see an open kitchen flow into nearby indoor spaces such as a dining room, pantry or living area, blending the functions of these areas. We’re also seeing more kitchens open up into outdoor spaces, providing an airier feel during the summer months.


Large Islands

Many homeowners are choosing to expand the role of the kitchen by adding large islands that allow them to meet a variety of different needs. These islands provide a place for the entire family to eat together, and they’re also replacing a formal dining room as the location to serve guests during a large gathering. Larger islands also offer additional value even when meals aren’t involved, as they provide a nice space to entertain guests at any time of the day or night. If you’re looking to make your kitchen the primary gathering place in your home, a large island is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.

Technology Upgrades

As technology plays an increasingly prominent role in our lives, it’s become more important to outfit your kitchen in a way that accommodates these devices. Many kitchen remodels are incorporating a variety of technology upgrades, including:

Doubling Up on Essentials

The pandemic has changed our living patterns, and in many ways, it has increased the importance of the kitchen in many homes. Families are cooking at home more often than before the pandemic. With the rise in remote work, the kitchen has become a common workspace for homes without a dedicated office area.

This had led many kitchen remodels to prioritize doubling up on fixtures and appliances that are used a lot. It’s common for people to add a second sink and even install two ovens or dishwashers. When space allows, installing two kitchen islands – one for meal prep and another for eating and work – is becoming a popular choice as well.


Concealed Storage Spaces and Appliances

Another development growing out of the pandemic is a renewed emphasis on concealing clutter. This has led many people to choose storage and organization that not only effectively holds the important items in your kitchen, but also places them out of view when they’re not in use.

Many items that used to be in plain sight such as spices, pots and pans, sponges, and baking sheets are now being contained inside cabinets. Similarly, many homeowners are opting for concealed storage spaces to house appliances such as toaster ovens, coffee machines and blenders when they’re not being used.

Earthy and Subdued Cabinets

We’re seeing a shift away from bold colors for kitchen cabinets in favor of more earthy and muted colors. Taupe, greige (a blend of gray and beige), and green kitchen cabinets are becoming very popular. We’re also seeing a resurgence in wood cabinets.

Stone Countertops Remain Popular

Stone kitchen countertops are still the most common choice being used for kitchen remodels. Quartz remains the most popular due to its durability and ease of maintenance, but granite and quartzite remain popular kitchen countertop materials as well.

In keeping with the earthy vibe for cabinets, most homeowners are gravitating towards earthy, muted tones for their kitchen countertops.

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Sander & Sons Can Help Bring Your Kitchen Remodel to Life

Remodeling your kitchen can be an overwhelming process. Even if you have a clear vision for how you want the finished project to look, there are many components that must be addressed to bring your vision to life. At Sander & Sons, we’re here to help you achieve the beautiful kitchen you desire.

We’re a family owned and operated kitchen remodeling company serving Denver since 1996. We take great pride in every project we do, and we always go the extra mile to enrich the lives of our customers.

You’ll benefit from our planning process that has been created to help you bring your home improvement ideas to life. This unique approach includes:

From the initial design to the selection of cabinets, countertops and fixtures, we can help you bring your vision to life. At Sander & Sons, we make kitchen remodeling easy and hassle free, allowing you to get greater enjoyment out of your home each and every day.

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