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2016 Bath Trends – Spa Elegance

Key Trends for Your Bathroom

2016 Bath Trends – Spa Elegance

Key Trends for Your Bathroom

When it comes to upgrades in your home, a bathroom remodel is one of the best investments you can make. More and more, homeowners are making their bathrooms focal point when it comes to giving their home a facelift. In fact, where many bathrooms are initially built around function, today’s trend put an emphasis on form with homeowners desiring to transform them into a spa-like oasis.

Walk-in Showers

Many builder grade homes come standard with the tub and shower combination. While that holds true in kid’s bathrooms, we are seeing more and more master bathrooms convert to walk-in shower only. As such, the showers are enclosed with frameless heavy-glass and become the focal point of the bathroom. By removing the tub and retiling, you let the elegance of the shower and the ground tile extend into the entire bathroom, which creates a seamless design that makes the room look even bigger.


Separate Tubs

Depending on the size of your bathroom, many create a separate tub for those who still like to soak. In these cases, while they still have a walk-in shower, the tub becomes the focal point of the bathroom design. We are also seeing many built-in tub installations accommodate small gas fireplaces and wall mounted television. In this case, you can soak while binge watching your favorite shows in a firelight ambiance.


Modern Metallic Fixtures

Even if you’re not doing a full bathroom remodel, the simplest way to help spruce things up is by replacing your fixtures and hardware. Doing so will help add interest and style. Brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze metals are trending in 2016, plus they come in a variety of colors and textures. Even brass and copper tones are making a comeback! Simple fixture upgrades will give you’re a high-end look to your bathroom at a low-end cost.


Big Light Fixtures

Lighting in the bathroom was once thought to be purely functional. However, we are seeing more and more bathroom remodels that incorporate large and bold light fixtures. Whether they are chandelier-like or hand blown glass or metal drum pendants, lighting fixtures are becoming a pronounced design figure for today’s new bathroom.


Subway Tiles

In 2016, tiles are in. Tiles options are now more vast and prettier than ever, which allow homeowners to showcase their taste and personality. Big subway tiles, while they have been around awhile, are still in as they are durable, attractive and water resistant. Plus, they have a lasting elegance, as they have been around now for more than a century.


How to use this information

There are plenty of options when it comes to bathroom design and today’s trends. We can help make sense of it all for you and help you realize your new bathroom oasis of luxury. Our exclusive Visualize Planning System and In-House Design Specialist will bring your vision to life. Get started today or call 303-347-1345.


What bathroom trends have you seen emerge this year?

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